What things to ask your child instead of how was your day

We used to fall into this age-old parenting trap every evening at the dinner table.

How did your day go?”

“I’m fine.”

Tell me what you learned today.”


Who played with you at recess?”

“No one.”

We can’t connect with our children after a long day apart with one-word answers. As a result, you complain “Why won’t my 5 year old tell me about their day?

Even so, we need to reconnect.

Whenever we’re feeling connected, the children pitch in to help clean up after dinner. The first time we ask them to get dressed and brush their teeth, they pay attention. Whenever we tuck them into bed, they’re all giggling and smiling.

But what about when we’re all feeling disconnected? Or How do I get my child to talk about their day?

It’s more power struggles, grumbling, and grimaces at bedtime instead of cooperation.

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