Great Minds Early Childhood Center

25,830 AED

Founded: 2014
Phone: +97143445222
Address: Street 29, Villa 11, Next to Al Raya Girl’s school, City Walk/ Box Park Area
Manager: Areti Panagiotou
Timings: Mon to Fri , 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM
Annual Fees: 17,220-34,440 AED



Founded in February 2014 by Areti Panagiotou, the Great Minds Early Childhood Center in Dubai is a special nursery with a unique touch. Areti’s love for education began in her childhood, helping her mom in a kindergarten class. This passion led her to pursue a BA in Early Years education, followed by a postgraduate course and an MSc in Speech and Language therapy at City University of London, U.K. With experience as a Speech and Language Therapist in the U.K. and an Early Years Teacher in Greece, Areti became a Montessori trained teacher. With support from her family, she combined her diverse knowledge to start the Great Minds Early Childhood Center in Dubai. After spending over 8 years with special needs children at the Dubai Centre for Special Needs, Areti wanted to create a warm environment for all children to reach their full potential, inspiring the idea for this center.

Situated near Box Park and City Walk, this nursery follows the Montessori approach to support children’s social, cognitive, and physical growth. The method focuses on the child, respecting each one’s unique personality. The main goal is to offer a safe and happy space that nurtures children’s natural development, aligning with their intrinsic sensitive periods of growth. The big picture is to see children grow into happy, confident, and smart individuals – captured in their motto, “Little People, Great Minds.”

A standout feature of the nursery is its dedication to the overall development of children. It proudly stands as the only nursery in Dubai with a full-time Speech and Language therapist. This therapist works closely with teachers to enhance the educational program and identify children with language and communication challenges. The nursery provides assessments, consultations, and home programs tailored to these children’s needs, keeping track of their progress within the nursery. Moreover, the center emphasizes working with parents, offering training programs on communication and language development.

This approach aligns with the inclusive model seen in mainstream schools, where language and learning support units assist children with special needs. The Great Minds Early Childhood Center recognizes the importance of early intervention and ensures that support is available from the beginning, making it stand out from other nurseries in Dubai.

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