Nursery Nutrition Guide

Children in preschool are still developing their eating habits, so they need encouragement to eat all of the nutritional requirements for 3-5 year old’s.

There is an eagerness to learn among these children. It’s common for them to mimic adult eating habits. They also need supervision at mealtimes as they are still learning how to chew and swallow.

Nutrition guide for preschoolers:

You should make meals, give snacks regularly and limit unplanned eating.
At mealtimes discourage bad behavior. Children should not play with food at the dinner table, just eat.
Choking can occur if a child runs or plays while eating. When your children eat, make sure they sit down.
Make sure you keep offering a variety of food.
Do not make mealtimes stressful. Make sure your child does not feel pressured to eat, even if it is entirely based on the nursery nutrition guide.
A nursery shouldn’t make your child “clean” his or her plate.
Overeating may result in your child gaining too much weight. If you limit snacks during the day, children will be hungry at mealtime.
Give examples of healthy eating habits. When preschoolers watch their parents, they copy them. Your child will not learn healthy eating habits if you have unhealthy eating habits.

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