Children immune system for daycare ?

Do you know how to boost a child’s immune system? Our immune systems are all inexperienced when we come into this world, says Charles Shubin, M.D.

Getting sick is part of a child’s job description and sometimes, it can actually be beneficial to their immune system. This is because children naturally build immunity by fighting germs, viruses, and other organisms – which is why most pediatricians say children get six to eight colds a year as well as flu and ear infections. However, adopting some healthy habits can help to boost your child’s immune system more effectively. Washing your hands regularly, eating more veggies, and getting enough sleep are some strategies. Here are six ways to help boost your child’s immune system:

Make sure they eat fruits and vegetables

Fruits and veggies with vibrant colors, like carrots, green beans, oranges, and strawberries, can help keep germs at bay and are also a great source of vitamins. They are immune boosters for children because bright colors contain carotenoids, which boost immunity. The body produces more white blood cells and interferon, which blocks viruses by coating cells’ surfaces with an antibody. Studies show that phytonutrients can protect against chronic diseases like cancer and heart disease as well. Make sure your child eats five servings a day of fruits and veggies in order to boost their immunity.

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