Top surprising math benefits for toddler

Let’s look at some of the major math benefits for toddlers. Everyone, even children, may benefit from understanding basic math ideas. When your toddler is old enough, they can begin reaping the benefits of math education. Performing simple mathematical operations helps students learn how to recognise and understand numbers and apply that knowledge in their daily lives. Math has made it easier for children to understand phrases like “Bring me three apples”. It’s not just about operations in mathematics. Even if a youngster does not become a mathematician, they can benefit from learning about arithmetic. There are many benefits of math for preschoolers; let’s see what they are.


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Benefits of Yoga for toddlers

As a child, if you had the opportunity to dig through the dirt to find colorful rocks and other “treasures” or bury your time capsule, you’re lucky and have enjoyed the benefits of mud play! Aside from providing priceless memories for children, mud play is an excellent way for them to develop important skills, unwind, and express their imaginations.

According to recent medical studies, it’s also beneficial to your child’s physical and emotional well-being and it’s never too early to start — mud play can even benefit babies! Is it good to play in mud? In this article, you’ll learn more about the health benefits of playing in mud and how to ensure that your child’s mud play is safe.

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Summer 2022 : The Little Dreamers Nursery in Dubai

Summer 2022 : The Little Dreamers Nursery in Dubai

Summer 2022 is on the way!
Join our British Nursery Summer Camp in Dubai

A cheerful, interesting, and enjoyable camp experience is the goal of our Summer Camp here at The Little Dreamers Nursery. In addition to a wide variety of indoor and outdoor activities, the professional teachers at our nursery will give your child the opportunity to explore, play, and meet new friends.

As the weather is heating up in Dubai, we have some great news for you all! The Little Dreamers Nursery provides lots of exciting play opportunities indoor, in a cool and safe environment, such as The Indoor Play Area and The Indoor Forest.

In the morning, when it is cooler, we allow the children to go outside, into our well shaded Outdoor facilities, such as our Outdoor Garden and our Water and Sensory Area! This providing the children with exciting games and activities outdoor, such as parachute games and bike races on their very own bike track!

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6 Math Skills Your Child Will Learn in a Nursery

6 Math Skills Your Child Will Learn in a Nursery!

Parents have a significant impact on their Five-Year-Old’s Math Skills. They can not only give math-related toys and games, but they can also act as role models by displaying how arithmetic is employed in real-world scenarios.

At The Little Dreamers Nursery in Dubai, there are six critical Five-Year-Old Math Skills that children should have before they enter kindergarten. These are simple, engaging activities parents may conduct to help their children develop these skills.

As a result, children will learn the vocabulary and abilities they need to succeed in mathematics while having fun at the same time. Also, some parents wonder what age should you start math? In our opinion, they can start the learning process from the age of 3 to 5.

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