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Nurseries with Stay and Play Program in Dubai

Stay and Play allows parents and carers to: introduce different play and learning environments to their children – and by so doing, enhance their child(ren)’s development. meet other local parents and carers, and share experiences. Here are some nurseries...

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My 2 year old won’t eat anything but snacks

What can I do when my toddler won’t eat? Are your children eating food but not healthy ones? What exactly can we do when a child refuses to eat healthy food? Perhaps one of the most difficult lessons to teach a child is to eat because you are dealing with a child’s...

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Toddler putting fingers in mouth

As parents, it can be alarming to see our toddlers putting their fingers in their mouths. However, this behavior is actually quite common among young children, and is often a normal part of their development. In this article, we will explore why toddlers put their...

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