What is the importance of group activities for children?

Young children learn fundamental skills which are necessary to participate in society through various group activities for children at The Little Dreamers Nursery. Games, dancing, outdoor recreation, and sports are all dependent on learning these skills. The program helps them to develop their creativity, communication, language, and physical skills.

In order to create the ideal learning environment for children, our team, who are working in the “best nursery in Dubai”, use the most advanced framework and cooperative learning styles.


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Why Is Early Childhood Education Important?

Early childhood education in Dubai is the upbringing between birth and the age of eight. Scientists believe this is a pivotal time in children’s lives as they first learn to interact with others, including peers, teachers and parents. They should also begin to develop interests that will accompany them throughout their lives.

Despite the common misconception that early childhood education is only about learning basic skills, it is actually a time when children learn basic social and emotional skills. Moreover, a partnership is formed between the child, their parents and the teacher.

If early years education is done successfully, it lays the foundation for the continuation of the child’s entire education.

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Open Day on 23rd of September 2022

We welcome you to our The Little Dreamers Nursery’s Open Day on 23rd of September from 3pm to 5pm.


At The Little Dreamers Nursery, we firmly understand the importance of decision making when it comes to choosing the right nursery for your child therefore we would like you to explore our learning environment and get a feel of it.
Our core values focus on enhancing children’ s curiosity and creativity along with developing their social skills.
If you would like to visit our wonderful nursery please RSVP to info@thelittledreamersnursery.com or
050 566 7982.

We look forward to welcoming you soon!


Importance of Math in Early Childhood

Early math skills and the importance of math in early childhood are typically overlooked. Normally, the kindergarten readiness, preschool, and early learning curricula place a heavy emphasis on writing, learning letters, and word recognition while ignoring basic math concepts, which are also critical abilities for children to learn as they reach elementary school.

A typical preschool timetable often excludes arithmetic from the curriculum. Based on a research done at the University of Denver while preschoolers spend six hours a day, only 58 seconds of math instruction are given each day. Here’s why math matters for kids.

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Top surprising math benefits for toddler

Let’s look at some of the major math benefits for toddlers. Everyone, even children, may benefit from understanding basic math ideas. When your toddler is old enough, they can begin reaping the benefits of math education. Performing simple mathematical operations helps students learn how to recognise and understand numbers and apply that knowledge in their daily lives. Math has made it easier for children to understand phrases like “Bring me three apples”. It’s not just about operations in mathematics. Even if a youngster does not become a mathematician, they can benefit from learning about arithmetic. There are many benefits of math for preschoolers; let’s see what they are.


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